As issues with coturn1 rendered it unusable most of the time, I researched another solution as drop-in service for STUN2 and TURN3. eturnal is a modern, straightforward and written in Erlang4. Clients can connect using UDP, TCP, or TLS over IPv4 or IPv6. It supports the mechanism described in an IETF draft5 for authentication.

STUN/TURN server symbol

Basic setup

The eturnal — UberLab 7 documentation is used in addition to the official documentation to setup a basic service. Further adjustments are specified in the eturnal.yml file.

Logging level

To investigate configuration errors, I can change the log_level setting value to debug, for example. Afterwards the eturnal service has to be restarted.

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  3. Traversal Using Relays arount NAT (TURN) in the Wikipedia ↩︎

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