Public Server List

Public Server List

When using the Matrix protocol, consider the following list to sign up at a homeserver other than to foster decentralization and make use of federation. Depending on your requirements, you’d might want to choose a provider bridging to other services or featuring bots.

Recommended homeservers

Provider Homeserver URL Status page Special features (selection)
Nitrokey None. Receive announcements via Matrix itself or search the forums Run by IT security professionals1 German admins2 offering free services with no tracking, no logging, and no advertising
sp-codes Run by a security and privacy enthusiast3 providing a german guide Bridges: Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp

Although I’m trying to keep this list up to date, it might be outdated once in a while. Therefore, you may check if the homeserver of your choice still provides open signups before registering.

If you already registered at the homeserver and want to migrate to another provider, this tool is for you. But be aware that it is still in an experimental state!

More resources

This is just a selection of providers I recommend in terms of privacy. Join Matrix! has compiled a list of public homeservers and a get started guide for beginners.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of all homeservers, visit the statistics on matrix of The Federation. Be patient when opening this site as it renders statistics on demand and may take some time to load.

Last but not at least there’s another unofficial list of public Matrix servers at, but it seems rather outdated.

Join at my server

There’s no open registration for my Matrix homeserver, but you can talk to me by joining the matrix room in the contact section.

  1. About page of Nitrokey ↩︎

  2. Giebel.IT business website of the provider ↩︎

  3. Personal website of the sp-code provider ↩︎

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