Inconvenient EP

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Instruments: Vocals, Acoustic guitar, Acoustic mandolin, Electric guitar, Electric bass, Drums (samples)
Release date: 2021-11-30
License: CC BY-SA 4.0
Society is facing the COVID-19 pandemic. Issues like privacy, fake news and social distance seem to become important. As an advocate of freedom and openness I want to share my thoughts and ideas as well as technical background on this production.
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Technical background

Performance of the songs has taken place in an appartment during the first lockdown. To minimize reverberations I macgyvered a vocal booth. Except for Layer 8, which has been recording during my first and exclusive livestream miniconcert at another place, all instruments and vocals have been overdubbed in that environment.

Editing, mixing and mastering was done with Ardour, a Free and Libre Open Source Software DAW featuring tools like the Calf plugin suite, for example. The livestream recording of Layer 8 has been mixed using only built-in ACE plugins to try a lightweight and portable approach.

For the album artwork I shot a foto with the Open Camera app and used GIMP for filter effects and text layers. This work is an example of a state of the art FLOSS media studio production.

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