The hosting1 and the way this site is built allows a high degree of data minimization in addition to privacy.

Privacy policy

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)2 has ensured data protection since May 25th, 2018. Information on the data collected from you, how it is processed, data protection measures, and contact details for any queries can be found on this page.

Accountability can be found in the imprint.

Principles of data processing

Personal data includes any information that identifies a natural person, such as age, date of birth, email address, IP address3, name, or behavior while using a service. Processing (e.g. collecting, querying, using, storing, or transmitting) such data requires a legal basis or your consent. Once personal data is processed and no longer needed, it will be deleted unless there is a legal obligation to retain it.

Use of this Website

In general, you can browse this site without providing any personal data. The chosen Hugo theme provides some convenient functions, including a search bar, a dark and light mode, a code copy and scroll-to-top button, which are implemented using JavaScript (JS)4. Feel free to turn JS off or block certain scripts, if this is your security model.

Web server logs

The web server logs are currently disabled by default. Therefor your IP address is not recorded. If enabled, this information will be saved in an anonymized way and deleted after 7 days as per Uberspace policy5.

Cookies, social network plugins, tracking and analytics tools

None of these technologies are used on this site.

Disclosure of data


External data processing



When you click on links to other websites on this site, you will be redirected to those resources immediately. These resources are controlled by their operators, which you can recognize by a changed URL6 in the browser. Please note that any issues concerning those websites are beyond the scope of this policy.

Data security

Finally, it is your responsibility to ensure data protection. Other individuals or organizations may not adhere to data protection regulations, so be cautious, use encryption for emails etc. to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

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